6 Bar Heavy Duty Stock Gates

We manufacture & stock 

6 bar,  Weld-on Hinge, Chain Latch gates 

from 2 ft. to 20 ft. 

Options (Available for order)

Larger &/or Custom Sizes
5 or 7 Bars
Riotta Wood Hinges (left)
Slide Latch (bottom left)
Spring Loaded Latch (demo right)

Order Help

When ordering a custom gate, specify the following:
Hole Size = distance inside the posts of your gate opening
Frame Size = measure gate frame only (exclude hinges)
Number of Bars (Standard is 6 Bar)
Type of Hinge (Weld-on or Riotta)
Riotta Wood Hinge
Slide Latch
Spring Loaded Latch (demo right)